I Afrika Little Boy

Providing rehabilitiation and a future to Nairobi's street boys

I Afrika is a grassroots organisation which provides holistic care for boys who had been left to fend for themselves on the harsh, unforgiving streets of Nairobi. Directed by Peter Nduati, the centre is a registered Kenyan charity and works in close collaboration with the Kenyan Children's Office, the Kenya police force and numerous other children's centres.

I Afrika Teenager

What is the problem?

There are 125,000 street children in Kenya and 60,000 in Nairobi alone, and they are among the world's most vulnerable children. It is commonly held that life for street children in Kenya is "dirty, violent and short". Hungry, abused and alone, most quickly become addicted to drugs in order to help deal with the life they are leading. Often boys as young as 6 or 7 are conscripted into violent gangs who turn them into criminals for a dollar a day.

Rescued I Afrika boy

What do we do?

I Afrika aims to take street boys out of this hopeless situation, providing detox, shelter, food, clothing, schooling and Christian family. I Afrika gives street boys a second shot at a safe and productive life, with hope for the future. With more than eighty young men rescued since it started in 2008, the centre is currently home to boys between 5 and 18 years old.

I Afrika also works with those boys and men who are not able to leave the streets, giving them health education, counselling, and capital for small business.