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I Afrika is a grassroots street kids rehabilitation organisation which places grace, love, commitment and faith as the cornerstones of its work. 


I Afrika grew out of one Kenyan couple’s desire to provide a safe refuge for street children during Kenya’s post-election violence in 2007/8. Peter (Opi) and Esther Nduati envision a society where street children are treated with respect, and the Church leads the way in the battle to restore dignity and hope to young, broken lives. With the support of many friends, internationally and locally, the impact of I Afrika's ministry has grown significantly since 2007, but what has not changed is our desire to look at a child on the street with eyes that see potential rather than problems, and hope rather than despair.

The I Afrika family that was formed in a crowded rental house a decade ago is now housed on five acres of quiet farmland on the outskirts of Nairobi. I Afrika has seen hundreds of former street-boys turn their lives around in this period. Many have been reunited with family members, many have been given the means to start their own small businesses, and many without a safe home have stayed with us for as long as they have needed. All have been given the respect, love and safety they deserve – all things which are desperately absent on the streets.

There are three main pillars to our work: Outreach, Care, and Education.


I Afrika's outreach program is where our ministry begins. Children as young as five spend nights sleeping in the cold in Nairobi, scared and frequently victimised by shop-keepers, police or gangs. Food is whatever can be begged, scavenged or stolen, and escape is usually only found in a bottle of glue. 

In our outreach program, we feed street children a meal in four different parts of the city every week. These regular meals allow us to get to know the kids, and to be there when they ask for help. Along with a good meal, we act as advocates for the children in the community, give simple health education and do our best to meet urgent medical needs. Through our outreach program we literally take Jesus to the streets, showing love and service to some of the most vulnerable children in the world. 


Once off the streets, I Afrika works to rehabilitate boys who want a better future. After working through issues of addiction and trauma, our social work team searches for the families of the children. If a safe environment can be found with a family member, we help mediate that transition and provide ongoing support to keep the child in their home and at school.

For those boys who are complete orphans or are unable to reintegrate with their families, I Afrika offers a new home. The I Afrika centre is currently home to around 35 boys. About 45 minutes out of Nairobi, the boys live, play and laugh together alongside a team of committed staff in a Christ-centred environment. The physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of the boys are met with the ongoing goal of raising men who are able to reach their potential and live lives of integrity.


The Aubrey Newman Academy, named after one of our most faithful supporters, is a school established alongside the Centre to offer primary school education to our boys and community children in an accepting environment. Once boys finish primary school, they receive secondary education at boarding schools in the area, or enrol in vocational education to learn the job skills which will allow them to move out of the centre and into adult life. Where sponsorship is available, our brightest high school graduates are sent to College or University to receive tertiary education. For all the I Afrika boys, education holds a key to a brighter future.

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