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Transition Home

$25 per square metre


Thousands of street kids in Nairobi are trapped. They want to go home and try again, but they can't get cleaned up, they can't get transport, and the can't find a friend to speak on their behalf. 

The I Afrika Transition Home will be a loving gateway to home for 75 street kids every year. We have found a block of land in a peaceful location, perfect for rehabilitating kids before taking them home.

Just $25 will help us purchase one square metre of land (it's a 900sqm block), ready to be put to use to give kids a fresh start. Donate for yourself or for a friend, knowing this will make a lasting difference!

$25 one square metre

$?? you choose the amount of sqm

Immanuel Afrika Centre (CS No. 000721) is registered as Charitable Children's Institution in Kenya.