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We're excited you want to sponsor a child!

Our sponsorship program is not only a great way to contribute to the costs of feeding, educating, clothing and nurturing a child, but also helps to add to his own sense that he is valued, and that someone else has got his back. You can develop a relationship by writing to your sponsor child and you will receive updates from him twice a year.


Your child sponsorship is tax-deductible in Australia, and is eligible for Gift Aid in the UK. To get started, please

  1. Email with your name and address and the name of your chosen sponsor child

  2. Set up your regular contribution (monthly, quarterly or annually) to the bank account below, listing your surname and the name of your sponsor child.

On behalf of your new sponsor child, Asante sana (thank you very much!)!

Setting up your Child Sponsorship

In Australia:

Schedule your monthly ($50), quarterly ($150) or annual ($600) child sponsorship by setting up a regular bank transfer in Australia: 

Immanuel Afrika Australia Incorporated

National Australia Bank      BSB: 084100      Acct no: 90-091-9119

You will receive an emailed receipt after every donation. If you don't receive a receipt, please email - we might not have your details!

In the UK:

Schedule your monthly (£30), quarterly (£90) or annual (£360) child sponsorship by giving through our partner African Child Trust.


Fill in your details on the African Child Trust website and set up your regular direct debit.


Please email and and advise us that your donation is to be used for child sponsorship of your chosen child.

In Kenya or Anywhere Else:

For child sponsors outside Australia, please contact to get details relevant to you!

All Australian donations over $2 are tax deductible

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