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Immanuel Afrika (I Afrika) was established in 2007 to offer street children an alternative - a place of support, safety and family. A place where kids can again be kids, and where education and grace open up brighter opportunities for the future. We believe God's love can be an anchor for children who are adrift - setting them free from addiction, the pain of a broken home and a path littered with destructive choices. Wherever and whenever we can, we reunite children with their families, supporting them to live at home and helping their caregivers to parent well.


I Afrika is a grassroots organization which provides holistic care for children rescued from the brutal streets of Nairobi. Many of these children, some as young as five, have complex emotional and physical needs resulting from malnutrition, physical and sexual abuse, drug use and disease. Our ‘why’ is simple, because ‘the streets are no place for any child’. We want to see every one of the tens of thousands of children currently living in the horrific circumstances on the streets of Nairobi taken home. We want to see their lives transformed through the loving power of Jesus.


The project was founded by Peter Nduati and his wife Esther in 2008 and began in a small, rented home in Dagoretti.


I Afrika has now grown! We have a rehabilitation centre in Lusigetti, a semi rural area 35 kilometres from Nairobi with facilities for housing sixty boys, a foster home for girls and boys as well as a newly established Transition House to support boys who have just left the streets. Our focus is on rescue, rehabilitation, reintegration, and education of vulnerable children, with the aim of creating happy, dignified adults capable of sustaining themselves and their families. The Aubrey Newman Academy (the primary school on-site) employs teachers and a headmaster who provide education for the rescued children and for children of both sexes from the surrounding community. Older children attend secondary boarding schools offsite.


In most cases, I Afrika works to restore and then sustain ties between the children, their families and communities. It also provides support and employment for destitute widows and grandmothers who need help to care for their dependents, either employing them at the centre or establishing them with small businesses whilst continuing to fund their children’s education.


The centre supports a growing number of disabled and disadvantaged children in the community of Lusigetti, in many cases offering free schooling to children who would otherwise have no access to education, and medical care to those with long term physical needs, including amputees, epileptics and children with HIV and Hepatitis. I Afrika provides outreach including food, medical aid and emergency legal representation for an additional 600 young people living in the slums and on the streets in different locations around Nairobi. The property has 3 acres of farmland and currently grows basic crops and a couple of farm animals to help us feed the children.


We believe children belong in family homes. Unfortunately, some of the children who come to I Afrika do not have any living family members or they are unable to be found. In some cases, the families are unable to take adequate care of the children. We have dedicated spaces for these precious children to stay in a home environment, with a few of their friends and a house mother. The House Mother takes care of these small groups of children like they are her own. We currently have a foster house for younger boys and one for our girls with plans to build more home-like environments for children who will attend our school long-term in accordance with Government regulations.




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