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Transition House

I Afrika has worked for more than a decade rescuing, rehabilitating and reintegrating street children back into loving homes. We believe the streets are no place for any child, and it is our mission to continue to rescue kids on the streets and where possible to reintegrate them back into their families and communities.  I Afrika’s Transition House exists as a city of refuge and gateway home for boys and young men rescued from the streets. While at the Transition House, children from the streets will be able to get clean and de-loused, with clean clothes and a fresh shave of their hair. They will be treated with patience and care as they detox from any substance addictions and begin to process some of the trauma of their street experiences. Children meet with a social worker and counsellor regularly over their stay, who will ascertain the circumstances which propelled them to the streets along with the possibility of returning home as well as lead them through a program to propel their healing journey, teach them life skills and provide valuable activities to help them transition to their next steps such as vocational training in an area of their personal interest.

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